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Helping People Live a Healthy Life!

Founded in 2014 by Dr Noel Duncan, SiSU Health Group provides free health checks, evidence-based behaviour change programs, and online health assessment tools to help people live a healthy life. 

SiSU offers their health checks through a network of medically certified SiSU Health Stations allowing members to measure their height, weight (BMI), blood pressure, resting heart rate and diabetes risk. In addition, online health dashboards, health improvement programs and an e-prescription and telehealth service, Scripts Now, ensure members can ‘own their health’. 

Noel and the team are health data experts and facilitate a true end to end digital health ecosystem across multiple channels, including retail, pharmacy, corporate health and wellbeing, insurance and health services. 

To date, nearly 4 million health checks have been conducted by over 1.2 million SiSU customers. 

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SiSU Health Group
Melbourne, Australia and London, UK
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Digital Health & IOT
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