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Creating Soap Solutions That Protect and Care for What we Love

Love U Soap was founded in 2021 by Joe De Groot born out of the realisation that the current offerings to consumers mean either compromising on sustainability goals or performance levels.

Love U is a new approach to soap, built on science, with a firm focus on doing better than the current system of detergents that are based on transporting water, and generate unnecessary tonnes of carbon emissions and single use plastic.

By removing the water and delivering sachets of powerful plant-based cleaning surfactants directly to your home, Love U eliminates most of the negative environmental impact of washing your clothes but still delivers category beating performance.

The Love U Soap team are proving that you don’t have to compromise either in performance or sustainability when washing clothes and we can all do more to protect our oceans, reefs and waterways.

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Love U Soap
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Melbourne, Australia
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Consumer Goods
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June 2021

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