About Brenteca

Private investment for
innovative startups

We’re a small group of passionate private investors with complementary leadership, business and entrepreneurial skills developed over many years of practical experience growing businesses in Australia and globally. 

We want to make a difference by helping bring disruptive innovation to the world.

At Brenteca, we…


Provide pre-seed, seed and series A funding.


Share our business, strategic and leadership expertise.


Help build the networks needed to reach target customers.


Help partners grow and develop as individuals and leaders.

Founded in


Too often, funding options lack the flexibility that early stage business needs. 

Brenteca was founded as a boutique investment firm out of a vision to provide a uniquely flexible partnership model where partners bring the ideas and we bring the business expertise, funding, networks and support.

A unique private investment firm

Time is the most critical resource and there’s always a lot to be done. Building the foundations of scalable growth requires a clear strategy, great leadership, a strong culture and awesome people — as well as the ability to overcome unforeseen challenges.

At Brenteca, we don’t just supply finance, we provide all the tools needed for businesses to grow rapidly and efficiently. Our primary interest is long-term growth and success and we don’t have pre-defined or fixed exit requirements.

We are 100% self-funded

Brenteca is four experienced business people. 

That means no outside investors, so we give the best guidance and support free of any agenda other than to bring long-term success.

Brenteca Leadership team

Our values

We create real partnerships based on a strong alignment of values.


We really value the trust our partners place in us and never take it for granted.


We’re always honest and open in our partnerships, which we build on a foundation of mutual respect.


We love what we do and are passionate about actively working with our partners and networks to make a meaningful difference. And we love having fun along the way.


We’re passionate about contributing and giving back to our communities through our partnership model, which offers us an opportunity to share our collective experience and support individuals and businesses to grow quickly and sustainably.

Taking that a step further, Brenteca’s success is split equally between the three founding partners and charities, enabling us to further contribute to our communities.

Our ideal

We partner with small startup businesses that are seeking pre-seed, seed or series A funding and which are open to a true partnership that offers financial, business and leadership support.

We have specialist experience in the healthcare, technology and consumer sectors but are open to special opportunities across a range of industries. The most important thing is that ideas and innovations have the potential to transform an industry.

Partnering for your success

If you want to grow your business rapidly and sustainably and our values and approach to investment align with your values and needs