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Mission-led, Australian Organic, Beef Jerky

Founded by Ged Buffee, the creation of an Australian organic beef jerky is a strategic response to the current unexploited circa. $500 million White Space authentic organic Power Premium opportunity segment that’s presently absent in the United States $3 billion jerky market. After successfully undergoing rigorous Nielsen BASES market readiness research, the new Jerky product is set to dominate this new Power Premium segment, where a nationally distributed organic jerky of quality and great-tasting, gastronomic flavors simply doesn’t exist.

Competing on value, rather than price, it is set to be the number one jerky choice for affluent, health-conscious eco-ethical millennials (EEMs) who prefer its superior culinary quality and healthfulness. EEMs are also powerfully drawn to the differentiating socio-eco mission that includes Australian Indigenous Aboriginals, and its climate-protecting, regenerative, eco-organic ranching practices, which are so needed for planetary health.

Company name
Red Earth
Start Up
Melbourne, Australia
Regional HQ
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October 2019

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